Why are there red spots that are itchy in one place then disappears and then in another place with itchy red spots?

Need more info. Sounds like an allergic reaction. It may be from an insect to something you ingested or came into contact with. The "red" spots may continue to multiply. Please make an appointment with your family physician as soon as possible to prevent further spread of the "red spots" and itching.

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I have itchy red spots that spread and noticed my baby had one then spread. He has no fever, ?

Might be ==>. There are several conditions that can cause itchy red spots without fever, including viral infections such as those caused by enterovirus. Another concern is scabies caused by a tiny spider mite that likes to burrow under the skin especially in damp moist areas- between finger and toe webs, in the groin, around belt line. See your primary care provider to confirm what it is, treatment needed. Read more...