My ulnar and radial nerve was transected. Will I be able to move my finger and will be having sensation?

Depends. Were the nerves repaired? Nerve recovery depends on a number of factors including patient age, whether the laceration was sharp, whether the nerve ends could be repaired directly or if a graft was used, how high up the arm the laceration was, and whether you smoke. Maximal speed of nerve recovery is about 1 inch per month. Many patient will continue to get feeling return for several years.
Probably. I'm sorry this happened and i assume a meticulous repair was performed by a hand surgeon. Even then, it is not possible to predict the degree of recovery; you will not know for several months. I am not a surgeon or rehabilitation physician, but i've seen both amazing recoveries and very disappointing results following this kind of injury. Good luck.
Likely yes. Can i assume your mean in your finger? Finger nerves basically provide the feeling to the finger. It used be a 50/50 chance that the nerve would heal even with surgery. We are getting better chances of healing recently with more modern techniques of repair.
More info. How long ago they were transacted. Emg ncv study and examination by a neurologist can answer.