Would urethral membranous stricture cause nocturia?

No, but... Nocturia is vaguely defined as peeing more than 1-2 times per night, but this definition fails to truly reflect personal stories since almost always multiple issues are involved to cause nocturia. For its details, go to article in http://formefirst.com/Nocturia.html. To explore how to handle sickness, go to http://formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html & http://formefirst.com/onLifeBasics.html.

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Urethrogram says I have a membranous urethral stricture, what's next for me? I'm terrified of the treatment, the only serious symptom is nocturia

Treatment can vary. A urethral stricture had several treatments. If the structure is short in length often a simple dilatation is all that is needed. If it is dense or long a urethrotomy ( cutting the structure) is done. If those don't work sometimes an open repair needs to be done. See a urologist for guidance. Best of luck. Read more...