Can you put in layman's terms please? Midline meningioma approx 3.3 x 2.8 cm in transverse and AP dimensions which abuts sagittal sinus along vertex

Tumor on brain. It's round, a little more than an inch across and it sitting as such tumors often do next to the big tube that carries blood from the top of your brain back to your body. I'm hoping it will be easy to remove. Best wishes. If there is some other way we can help, please let us know.
Meningioma is benign. You have a Meningioma which is a benign tumor of the brain coverings. It is situated inside your skull. Since it is small(about 1 inch in size), it may not cause you any problems at the moment. But you should have a repeat/follow up X-Rays of your Head in 6-12 months as per your doctor's advice. Check with you doctor about a follow up that he/she recommends to check this tumor for further growth.