My serum iron is elevated at 32umol/L and transferrin sat 58%. Could this be haemochromotosis? Would it cause symptoms?

Maybe. You might also have just eaten a big steak or taken a multivitamin pill with iron. Look at the big picture. Any doubt, a serum ferritin is your next lab, and of course your transaminases on your chemical profile. Arthritis at the base of the thumb is often the first sign. If it's hemochromatosis, no big deal. Among all the common killers, it's the easiest by far to keep totally under control.
Yes and maybe . Would normally consider testing for haemochromatosis with this picture. Symptoms include lethargy arthritis and diabetes although usually no symptoms. There are a variety of other causes though for this pattern on the iron studies and needs examination so please see a GP to sort .

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My serum iron was elevated at 241, however my ferritin, TIBC, and transferrin count were in the normal reference ranges. Is this hemochromatosis?

Donate blood. What you described is not necessarily hemochromatosis. There is a genetic for it that you may wish to get in consultation with your doctor. If you are otherwise healthy consider donating blood, it will reduce your iron and you will do a good deed. See this site for more info. Read more...

Total iron binding capacity is high. Transferrin is high. Iron serum normal. Hemoglobin count low 12 any significance. Is it hemochromatosis?

Not hemochromatosis. Elevated total iron binding capacity (more than just a little above reference range, i'll assume) and a very mild anemia would make me think of mild iron deficiency. Are you a vegetarian? Do you have gastric reflux that causes lower esophageal bleeding? This doesn't sound like hemochromatosis -- not that it's anything to worry about, as it's the most manageable of all the deadly diseases. Read more...