Partial anal penetration with no ejaculation no condom with circumsised men hiv risk for the women?

Protection needed. What you describe could be a risk for a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV. Mucous membranes do not have 'protection' since they are moist, unlike skin say on the back of your hand that is tough and dry. So a penis inserted into an anal opening is technically a risk. Sorry to say. You should get information on having safe sex -it's highly advised. Women are at higher risk than men for HIV.
Depends. Transfer of the HIV virus requires a blood/serum contact/transfer. Anal penetration can produce abrasions and bleeding which may be a vehicle for HIV transfer. If the man is HIV positive and the sex rough, it is a potential risk.
Risk is real. Real enough to not do it any more. If this is important to you, a gentleman will use a condom.