Abd pain of unknown origin. Angiography showed median arcuate ligament syndrome. MD recommended celiac plexus block as next step. Might this help?

Celiac artery compre. This is a mechanical issues. It is unlikely that a Celiac block would help. Treatment is typical surgical.
Yes. Although surgical treatment is the definitive treatment of choice, a celiac block can help to determine if you would benefit from surgery. Often times it is offered if the diagnosis is unclear since MALS is strictly a diagnosis of exclusion .

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Diagnosed with median arcuate ligament syndrome by Angiograpgy. MD ordered celiac plexus block as next step for "abd pain of unknown cause".common?

Absolutely not! Why? Pain=built in warning of threats. If Dx: "median arcuate ligament syndrome" =correct, the symptoms would likely be due to compression of arterial blood flow to your intestines, called intestinal ischemia, potentially fatal. Simply blocking perception of pain, even if successful, could end up fatal. Study https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_arcuate_ligament_syndrome, consider laparoscopic surgery. Read more...