Can smoking increase the pressure in the lungs, that is moderate, very fast? Or it needs time? Can it affect heart valves with mild leaking?

Smoking has many. deleterious (bad) effects on both the heart and the lungs. When someone has smoked for a sufficient amount of time the lung changes can result in increased pulmonary pressures and worsening of leaking heart valves. Don't smoke! It is bad for you!

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What to do if I have 4 leaky heart valves. Aortic, pulmonary, and mitral are all mild. My tricuspid is moderate. I have horrible chest pains, palpitations?

Difficult situation. Your problem needs to be evaluated by a team of very experienced cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. Your symptoms are concerning and require careful evaluation and treatment. Medication are most certainly indicated. Careful follow up is indicated. Read more...

Have Asthma 60 yrs old. Is there exercise that can increase lung function? Is so what are they? Also small leaky heart valves that don't cause issues.

Asthma & Exercise. Regular exercise is always a good idea, especially if you have asthma. There have been a number of studies recently looking at various types of exercise including deep breathing exercises like yoga but none have proven to be the "magic bullet." Regular aerobic exercise, plus daily use of your controller therapy, is the best way to improve lung function. Read more...