Can carafate and DGL help treat antral erosion gastritis? I take prilosec too, but got antral erosions while taking it oddly.

Gastritis. Both those agents may be helpful in the treatment of antral gastritis, but I regard ppi's the most effective. These include prilosec,nexium, protonix. I feel that one prilosec a day isn't sufficient to heal many cases of gastritis or peptic ulcer. A gastroenterologist can advise you best.

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Is scattered antral erosions gastritis or ulcers? Been on prilosec for 3yrs for reflux. Not sure how I got them being medicated. Should Dr. Up my dose

"Erosions" usually refer to gastritis rather than ulcerations...As far as the development of this in the face of PRILOSEC therapy I would ask your treating GI Doc about possible H PYLORI INFECTION..... Hope this is helpful Dr Z. Read more...