I have stage 3 uterine prolapse, unable to see dr for two weeks. What do I do if the uterus completely exits the vagina? It's getting worse each day

Complete prolapse. With complete prolapse if you are very uncomfortable, you can gently place your uterus back up into vagina. It will come back out over time but may provide some relief. It will not hurt you to leave it alone as long as you can void and have bowel movement without issue. If you cannot void or have severe constipation, have a high fever or severe pain, you should be go to the hospital.

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I have uterine prolapse. Can too much coughing cause my uterus to fall so much that I can feel my cervix in my vagina?

Yes. valsalva and cough may make the cervix more easily felt. Certainly in the office as part of a prolapse evaluation I have a patient push down like for a bowel movement and have them cough to see how significant the prolapse is. Read more...