Beta HCG 3700, doubling normally, w5d5 pregnant by LMP, and no gestational SAC seen on Vaginal US. This means Ectopic?

Maybe. It might be an ectopic, intra uterine or molar pregnancy. If no gestational sac is seen by the 8th week of pregnancy by ultrasound and the hCG is still rising then a search for the pregnancy site is definitely warranted.

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Ivf beta hCG numbers 1st 9 days post 5 day transfer 67, 4 days later 78, 2 days later 80 and 2 days later 165. Definite chemical pregnancy or ectopic?

Can't say yet. We can't diagnose your pregnancy over the internet. 67 is an ok first beta, but it should rise by at least 50% every 48 hours. There is a slim chance that this could be a normal pregnancy, but more likely a biochemical pregnancy (hcg levels go up then down, never get high enough to see pregnancy on ultrasound), a miscarriage, or an ectopic. If severe pain/bleeding go to er. Your md will follow you. Read more...

My beta hCG is 691. I had spotting two days prior to my periods date. My previous pregnancy was ectopic, I hope my pregnancy is safe this time.

May or may not be. U need close follow up as u are more at risk for another ectopic after one ectopic risk is 10% as opposed to 1 % for an ectopic, your doc should also do a Progesterone level , as a high one is reassuring and a low one is bad, and as soon as your beta is 2200- 2500 depending on the us machine, they sholld be able to see a gestational sac in the uterus. Read more...