Can a hickey cause a blood clot which Then lead to a stroke?!

No. A hickey is a shallow bruising, blood cells leaking from tiny capillary beds that will dissolve over time. It is not a clot. Such clots occur in a moderate or big blood vessel to trigger a stroke.

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Why do blood clots often lead to heart strokes?

By . Impairing the circulation of blood to the heart. Btw, usually the word "stroke" is used when it is brain and "infarction" is used for heart. In reality, they are the basically the same thing. Read more...

Am I gonna have a stroke? I believe smoking weed has caused a blood clot in my brain.

Stroke risk. The research doesn't prove that smoking weed will cause a stroke. However, it provides the strongest evidence that smoking or cannabis use is closely associated with a doubling of stroke risk. Quit smoking for good with help from your PCP. Read more...