I'm fat what should I do?

Most people who are. successful with weight/fat loss do something like this: reduce calorie intake to 200-300 calories less than you need each day (probably around 1200-1400 healthy calories/day in a young person--? your age). Burn off more calories through exercise: target 350+ burned a day. You may lose 2+ pounds a week with this, a safe/likely permanent loss.First, confirm your "fat" status and fat/weight loss goal.

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If I'm fat. What should I do for?

Lots. For starters get serious about diet. Low glycemic usually the best for most people. Also, you must exercise, but not as much as you think look into a high intensity interval program two or three times per week. Certain supplements can help. You may want to consider a commercial program. One I like is from a company called Advocare. (www.myadvocare.com/16065990 Want to talk more I could consult. Read more...