What to do when you are scared of tne dentist i?

Call Me! As soon as you find out the answer! i'm a doctor and i know we are ok folks... But i don't know about those dentists! at least you can feel better knowing this: i share your pain - and your fear.
One step at a time! There are many ways to overcome the fear of dental care. Be open with your dentist about your fears and particularly what specific parts of the experience you find cause anxiety. Most docs are adept at easing you back into a comfort zone where you can work with tolerable anxiety levels. Sedation with a pill can help as well. For extremely fearful patients IV sedation is an option.
Dentist fear. Most fear of dentists come from having bad experiences as a child or even adult. I never lie to a patient, that builds trust, next I try to find out the exact fear ie; needes, drill, pain, etc.. so I can work through it and help overcome that fear, dentistry has come a long way and need not be painfull. Find someone you trust and good luck.
Seek help. Fear of the dentist is very common. If it cannot be overcome enough by sheer willpower to get into the dental chair you can have the dentist prescribe an anti-anxiety medication you take about an hour before the appointment. This relaxes you. The worst dentalphobics go to sedation dentists who will do the needed work while you are sedated and don't know what's going on.
Ask your dentist. What can be done to overcome that fear. Most dentists are more than able and willing to help you through that fear. If the dentist refers you to a physician then follow that advice. It is a very common fear and can be readily solved in most instances.