I take anti psychotic for my anxiety and depression. I'm 22. Will they deteriorate my brain and kill me?

Psychotropic. Please discuss your medication with your Psychiatrist and your Pharmacist who can review the side effects and answer questions you have about long-term use. Anti-psychotic drugs can help you. It is important to have the right one for you.

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Thanks doctors but you didn't answer my questions. I asked if anti psychotic can KILL ME. IM 22 and been on them since age 13 for anxiety depression.

Not a chat room. This appears to be a follow up. This is not a chat room and your prior questions are NEVER linked. Your posts will go out at random to the site and be viewed by visitors that donate their time to answer questions. Your concerns should be directed to your treating doc. Without a full review of your history,family dynamics, exam and present condition, all answers would be pure speculation. Read more...