Lower back pain, constipation, gas, frequent urination, and all tests were negative for infection. What could this be?

Uncertain. It could be the constipation, but there can be other issues that can cause constipation and some of the symptoms. This could be a muscular problem, pulled muscle, tendon, or even a bursitis. You need an evaluation to help clarify your symptoms.
Needs investigation. Complex symptoms such as these need a full history and investigations such as a colonoscopy or MRI to rule out sinister causes such as malignancy. It is prudent that you see a specialist if your family doctor is unable to determine the cause of your symptoms.

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Hi.... Does excess gas, frequent urination, lower back pain, constipation, pain during bowel movements common during menstruation.?

Very common. Varies with each individual person and depending on what you eat which can affect the degree of above symptoms you just described.If persistent and concerning , consult with your physician. Read more...

Have had a ruptured cyst in ovary. Sensitive nipples, constant pelvic/low back pain, pain during sex, frequent urination, nausea, little constipatio?

Many considerations. More information is needed: where are you in your menstrual cycle? Have you missed a period? Are you using contraception, i.e. could you be pregnant? Frequent urination may represent urinary infection...did you have any procedures related to ovarian cyst? These symptoms need to be reported to your doctor/PCP and appropriate evaluation performed. Good wishes:) Read more...

Swelling urethral opening with burning and irritation, frequent urination, whitish stuff around vaginal wall, lower back pain, what this could be?

Get examined. There could be more than one thing going on here and you need to see a doctor to be evaluated. You could have a UTI or a yeast infection or a vaginal bacterial infection. The back pain may suggest worsening and rising of an infection outside of your pelvis. I wouldn't wait. Read more...