I am nearly one year past a heart attack (I have a stent). I was prescribed Efferin for one year. Can I safely quit cold turkey at the end of the ye?

Call the cardilogist. Antiplatelet therapy is very important in the treatment of coronary artery disease. Many of the new stents require uninterrupted dual therapy for at least one year. You need to discuss the current status of your cardiac health before abruptly stopping any medications. Most patients will still require some lantiplatelet therapy. However it is possible that they may recommend another medication.
Plavix & Effient. Drugs like Plavix, Prasugrel, and Effient are given plus aspirin for at least a year after most heart attack or stent procedures. The drugs prevent platelets from sticking together and making clots. Stopping early increases the risk of another episode. The optimal duration of dual antiplatelet treatment depends on the exact details of your situation; consider consulting w cardiologist to review. .