On my thumb around my fingernail it hurts and in the palm of my hand it itches sometimes even burn what can it be doc?

Thumb pain. If there is associated redness around the thumb nail an infection called paranychia appears likely. Treat with warm soaks but if redness worsens some pus may have to be drained by a surgeon. The itchy or burning sensation in the palm is probably unrelated and if there is no associated rash, irritable superficial nerve endings, possibly from some activities, may be the cause.

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Woke up with a rash on neck about the size of palm of hand. Itches like crazy. Looks like a scar from a burn in resemblance. No bite marks.?

Sounds unusual. If this is the first time it has occurred it is most likely an allergic reaction of some type and shoul resolve with a topical hydrocortisone. If it worsens, recurs or does not improve, i would seek the care and evaluation of a dermatologist. Read more...