My hemoglobin is 8.8 and my iron is at a 4.weak/lightheaded, chest pain, constant headache thats worse with activity, shortness of breath. Now period.

Plan. Your numbers look scary. Clinical symptoms as well pretty serious. Please go to ER or your doctor ASAP m.
Hb 8.8 g/dL = anemia. most commonly due to blood (& thus iron) loss. The body recycles the iron & protein (globin) within hemoglobin when RBCs rupture/die (after ~3 months) inside the body. Only the heme ring of hemoglobin is not recycled, is released as bilirubin (yellow), then bound & excreted into bile by the liver dells (else become jaundiced). Iron likely low but 4=no meaning without units. Dyspnea is c/w anemia.

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Lightheaded, chest pain, shortness of breath and spitting up small amounts of blood for months now all scans/test normal, what could this be? So scared

Difficult to say. Specially when you state that "all scans/test normal". However, make sure that you were tested for autoimmune disorders such as Lupus. Also, get a second opinion and carry your medical records with you for easier access to your future consultant(s). Read more...