I am experiencing abnormal wound healing.

See your doc. Unfortunately, you didn't describe your wound, much less how you got it and how it was repaired. It would also be helpful to understand why you consider it abnormal. Wounds that come apart need to be re-evaluated. Same if increase pain, redness, pus, etc. Scar is an known complication. Some will develop an intense scar reaction known as a keloid. Best to see doc who put you back together.

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What is the definition or description of: Abnormal wound healing?

Failure to rebuild. An inability to restore structure and function to disrupted tissue by failure to progress through the normal stages of healing. Read more...

Can abnormal wound healing be caused by epidermolysis bullosa?

Wound healing. Epidermolysis bullosa is condition that has abnormal production of keratin on 2 layers of skin (dermis and epidermis) it's a challenge in healing wound with involvement of this skin disorder. Any light pressure on the skin can create wounds to break down due to its rigidity nature. Yes, it'd give the abnormal healing wound pattern. Read more...