After an MRI I realized that I had an elastic hair tie in my hair that had a tiny piece of metal connecting the elastic together. I am so SCARED this mess up the imaging I traveled to a different state to get this special MRI done.?

Did they call back? Did the Radiology clinic call you back & tell you that the images came out "warped"? Did they need to do MRI again? If not, call the clinic & obtain the report and/or pictures of the MRI. Most likely, there was no problem with the images but to make sure, upload the report & pictures onto HealthTap Prime to discuss. More than the pictures, metal can be dangerous to YOU in the magnet. Are you OK?
They would have. known right away if there was a problem. Please be more vigilant and careful about metal on your person with MRIs in the future. Messing up the images is the least of the problems that can potentially happen. Severe personal injury and/or equipment damage could occur.