Before strep throat reaches level of rheumatic fever, do a small number of antibodies already start to attach to body tissues?

It is rather complex. Link between strep infection&rheumatic fever is not clear.It seems that the bacteria tricks immune system.Strep bacteria contains a protein similar to found in certain tissues of the body.So the immune cells that normally attack the bacteria may attack body's own tissues as if it were Bacteria.Tissues like heart,joints,skin&nervous system.This takes time inuntreated cases of Strep throat&ScarletF.

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Before strep throat reaches level of rheumatic fever, do immune system already mildly attack body tissues?

Clarification. First, not all will develop rheumatic fever if untreated.The frequency is estimated at 1/200 untreated cases & what makes some do it and others not is unknown. Second, for those that will have 10 days to start treatment during which you can stop auto-antibodies to human tissue from forming. They would form antibodies to strep, just not auto-antibodies. Read more...