There are red itchy blisters on my hands and feet I have a bad fever and a runny nose. Am I ok?

Visit a Doctor. You seem to be quite sick. if you have true blisters(water filled lesions like you see after a burn), then there could be something serious going on in your body. High fever is also worrisome. Although it could be due to a virus and will settled down in a day or two, you should not be alone at home. I would advise you to call your doctor or go to an Emergency room in a Hospital and get checked tod.

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I have some red itchy blisters on my head, hand, palm, body front and back. I had 100 f temperature once but after that no fever. What is it?

Cannot diagnose. Without seeing this don't know the cause, but there are only a few infectious diseases which produce true blisters. Chickenpox is unusual in adults but can occur, as can syphilis (get tested if at risk). More often this may be an allergic reaction or direct toxicity (like poison ivy, etc.) contact dermatitis. The lesions on your palms are disturbing. Do see a doctor. Read more...