What medicine to take for a dry cough?

None work great. There is no great medicine for this. Over the counter preparations may help but are mostly snake oil. Honey and lemon tastes good and is benign and may help. If you are a smoker stop. Inhalers may help if there is a reactive component to it.
Better c ur doctor . Dry cough can be a symptom for several disorders, and if OTC medications aren't helping , better see your doctor, good luck.

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What medicine to take for a dry cough?

Depends on the cause. There are many potential causes for a cough but the more common ones include post-nasal drips, post-viral infection etc. The list goes on. Need to see a doctor to find out. Unless you know the cause, using a cough suppressant on a long term basis is not recommended. Read more...

What medicines should I take for dry cough?

Consult a physician. Dry cough can be due to multiple reasons like allergies, acid reflux and side effect of certain medication such as ace inhibitors and should be treated accordingly. Read more...

Throat hurts when swallowing. What medicine to take. Have dry cough?

Herbal teas... For medicine consult with your PCP. Try NSAIDs for pain and herbal teas with lemon, cinnamon, honey. Read more...