Does any one know about vns for seziures?

Intractable seizures. Vns is a surgery where the vagus nerve (in the left neck) is attached to a stimulator electrode and the electrode is attached to a stimulating battery. The battery stimulates the vagus nerve and seems to inhibit some patients' intractable seizures. This is a surgery reserved for patients with seizures not due to a brain lesion and seizures not controlled by medications.
Yes. Vns(vagus nerve stimulation) was fda approved for the treatment of multi-focal refractory epilepsy in 1997. 1000s/year are implanted. It is a relatively low risk procedure(main long term concern is hoarse voice, possibly due to injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve). They are always placed on the left side(fewer side effects) and have a >50% chance of >50% reduction in seizures(surgeon specif.
Yes. Vns (vagus nerve stimulator) is a well-studied and effective treatment option for adults and children with epilepsy that is not fully controlled by medication. The device is about the size of a matchbook and is placed under the skin on the left side of the chest with a wire that connects to the left vagus nerve (in the neck). It provides scheduled electrical stimulation that helps with seizures.