I am experiencing burning sensation.?

Please Clarify! Please provide more details: Duration Location of burning Severity Quality Pattern Radiation Associated symptoms What makes burning worse / better What have you tried to treat it Medical problems.

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I am experiencing burning sensation in my left ovary and discomfort in that general area. Went away when I got my period but has now come back after?

See a doctor . There are many reasons to have pain in left pelvis including endometriosis, ovarian pathology, conscription, intestinal cramping, bladder infection, muscular pain. An exam by a doctor is required to determine source of pain. Read more...

I am experiencing burning sensation under my left breast. I dont have a rash or any skin irritation and it doesn't hurt to touch.?

See your doctor. There could be several causes behind your breast pain, such as benign breast pain, infection, allergic reaction, hormonal changes, or even malignancy/cancer. Iit is important to see your doctor for an examination in the case of any concerning breast symptoms. Read more...