Nerve damage in ball of foot. When I press is certain spot it send electric shocks on toes. Tried injection, on lyrica but not woking. Wiil it heal?

Neuroma. You may be suffering from a neuroma due to long history of improper footwear or prolonged weighbearing. Need to see a podiatrist for further exam and treatment.

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Nerve damage in ball of foot, when I press in certain spot it sends electric shocks in toes. Mri normal. Tried injection. On lyrica not helping?

Neuropathy . Neuropathy may not be seen on MRI. Especially of small distal nerves. Symptoms may be consistent with tarsal tunnel compression. Recommend seeing physiatrist (PMR medicine) or podiatrist. . Read more...

I'm taking 75mg of lyrica twice a day for nerve damage in ball of foot (no neuroma). 1week and no improvement. How long before it starts to work?

May not work. You need to have your foot re-evaluated by another foot specialist. It's best to know what caused the nerve damage to that area of your foot first, prior to treatment. This may be simply from bad foot mechanics or shoes. Read more...