When I goto sleep I have difficulty breathing, cold sweats and what feels like an irregular pulse, downward slope has 2 spikes on heart rate monitor.

Monitor. If you had your symptoms while wearing a holter monitor,the print out will show exactly what the heart rhythm was at the time. If there was a significant dysrhythmia it could explain a sensation of palpitations and shortness of breath. Sleep apnea is another possibility. Hypoglycemia is less likely. A sleep study may be indicated. A cardiologist should be evaluating and advising you.

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I've been experiencing difficulty breathing, heart rate 65-75 when this happens. When I can breath its between 90-120. Why? Echo scheduled for July.

Mgt. The cardiac echo will be performed to determine if you have a cardiac defect. Other testing to consider includes pulse oximetry, pulmonary function testing and an assessment of your exercise tolerance. Knowing your family history of cardiac disease will be important information for your provider. A virtual appointment can review your findings in details; healthtap.com/DosanjhMD. Read more...

Difficulty breathing for 2 months. No infection or bronchitis. Heart rate over 105 for 2 months at rest. Tired and weak. Muscle aches. Headaches. Why?

Need more testing. At your young age the high resting heart rate and the shortness of breath is not normal. I would see a pulmonologist for pulmonary function testing to determine if the lungs are the source of these symptoms. Do you have any anxiety disorder? Have you had blood work done? Read more...