Husband has ureteral stent in place after stone removal since 4-9-13, when can he have an alcoholic beverage and resume sexual activity?

Here are some… There is no rule to dictate when to resume drinking alcoholic beverage or resuming sexual activity. Clinically and in reality, she may do so whenever he may feel comfortable without undue discomfort. Of course, ask the treating urologist for individual detail timely.
After stent. Stent needs to be removed, after that he can return to normal activities.

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Had laser lithotripsy 9 days ago 4 stone removal. Ureteral stent for 8 more days told no sex or sexual activity til removed. Why & what do they mean?

Here are some... The recommendation provided after the reported procedures is commonly given in attempting and assuming to ease voiding symptoms from local irritation to usually already inflamed bladder neck and prostate urethra. It that really necessary for professional reasons, which could be in doubt or for political correctness, which probably plays major role in such advice? So, Ask Doc for mutual agreement.. Read more...