I stay having gas from every where some times I hear the gas out side my stomach. I get nausea but do not vomit? What's wrong? How do I stop it?

Likely IBS. Excess gas is due to the interaction of your gut flora (bacteria) and the food you eat. Should try a low carb diet and take probiotics.
Digestion and Gas. General details about malabsorption: When someone cannot digest a nutrient, bacteria in the gut digest it instead, producing gas. Examples: some sugars (eg: lactose in dairy), sugar-alcohols ("no sugar added! " sweeteners sorbitol/maltitol/xylitol), fat (happens w Alli & when people w celiac disease eat wheat/barley/rye). Treatment:Avoidance. Other reasons exist, and are covered by the other Docs.
Diet? Gut? GYN? CMD. Can be diet related-carbonated beverages, alcohol, malabsorbed sugars (lactose, fructose, sugars in bean products), sorbitol in sugarless gum; celiac sprue; can be swallowed air (straws, gulp, gum chewing, anxiety, smoking); meds; diverticula (pockets in the wall) of the small bowel, other bowel issues; colon problems including tumors; gyn issues, including hormonal changes, ovarian problems. Cmd.