Postmenopause and no children. I have bladder prolapse and given estrace cream. How fast is progression? Afraid it will drop out one day w/o warning.

Not so fast. The prolapse is a gradual process. Your bladder will not fall out without warning. You may try pelvic floor exercises, though if prolapse has occurred, the exercises may not help. Contact this site for info: Surgical correction of the pelvic floor may be needed and your gynecologist should advise.

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How does estrace cream help stop progression of bladder prolapse?

Kegel exercises. Some studies have shown that estrogens help strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles which help support the weight of your bladder. However, prolonged estrogen therapy carries some risks. Also, it is beneficial to do Kegel exercises to strengthen these muscles. These consists of repeated contracting and relaxing these muscles. They are easy to do periodically throughout the day, anytime. Read more...

Is postmenopausal bladder prolapse progress slowly? Only using estrace cream for HRT.

Bladder prolapse. Although Estrace cream can assist in keeping the epithelium of the vagina distensible, post menopausal bladder prolapse is more function of the lack of bladder ligament support or prior vaginal childbirth trauma. Patient's who have had multiple vaginal deliveries are more likely to see a more rapid bladder prolapse then not. Read more...