I've have a scrotal hernia since 10 or younger and now I'm 20 now I have light brown floating poop and dizziness and foggy vision when I lay down for?

Unlikely related but. ...in answer to at least one of your concerns: Stool floats in part when it contains a lot of air or gas. Diet plays a considerable role in stool composition, but additional roles here are played by your bacterial flora, the effectiveness of food digestion and absorption, GI transit time, more. Exposures? Travel? Persistently altered bowel habits deserve medical attention & evaluation please.
Here are some... It is overdue to hang around with a hernia for more than 10 years; it is too long especially in the US. Now is the time to confirm what it may be, hydrocele or inguinal hernia or cyst? To get these done correctly is not that hard by following instructions in articles listed in http://www.formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html. More? Welcome to contact me at www.healthtap.com/dr-Lin with RQPWJC.....

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