I get tired when standing for a while& in hot weather+I feel heaviness and bounding heart, I have moderate pulmonary hypertension, can it cause that?

Pulmonary HTN. Certainly pulmonary hypertension could cause those kind of symptoms. The bigger question is why does someone who is 19 years old have pulmonary hypertension in the first place? If it is somehow reversible, that would be vital to know. You should see your doctor to examine this. Good luck.

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Can heat or hot weather worsen pulmonary hypertension (moderate)? Can carrying heavy weight also worsen it?

Yes. Heat or hot weather can cause blood vessels in the body to dilate. This "pooling" of blood causes the heart to work harder to pump the blood through the compromised vascular system of the lung seen in pulmonary hypertension. Carrying heavy weights with cause similar symptoms. Read more...

Small left sided heart with abnormal septal motion in ventricle EF 60-65% heart is normal including thickness. Possible pulmonary hypertension cause?

MRI. If you have severe pulmonary hypertension, you may have Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. This is potentially a serious diagnosis. Intracardiac and intrapulmonary shunting must be ruled out. A cardiac MRI and nuclear shunt test can make this determination. These tests are likely only available at a major referral center - London. Good luck. Read more...