I am experiencing fatigue, abdominal pain (all over), nausea (severity: severe), swollen abdomen, disorientation, memory problems (quality: diffi...concerned I could have an infection from gallbladder surgery 4 months ago. Been feeling sick since?

Complex situation. Your situation currently is too complex to address in 400 characters or less. If you contact us via HealthTap Prime or. Healthtap Concierge, especially if you have your lab and study reports, we can give you some advice. Hope this helps.
Go to emergency room. Sounds like you need to see a doctor immediately for an exam to make sure this is not an urgent issue. .
Needs evaluation. If you had a major abdominal surgery and things have not yet returned to normal - this absolutely needs getting checked out. Preferably by the doctors that did the surgery in the first place, since they know exactly what went on and how your body is. There can be post-operative complications like 'abscess formation' that could take weeks to months later to 'appear'. Hope you take action TODAY.