Sir... I hv 5 red persistent bumps on right scrotom which are itchy... is it condition of genital warts?

See your doctor. It is really impossible to diagnose it situation like this without actually seeing the lesions. You should go to see your doctor or a dermatologist to get them evaluated, especially since they have been persistent Good luck. .
Possibly. These lesions would likely need to be examined and more history obtained to be able to provide you with useful input about the diagnosis or possible treatment.

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Concerned I may have genital warts, bumps on penile shaft and scrotum that occasionally itch, but have never been sexually active?

Wouldn't be g-wart. You can only get this problem by direct contact of your penis with an infected partner. If you have never had sex, its not a genital wart. It may be an inflamed hair gland. Read more...