I broke my ankle 1 year ago. I broke 3 bones, my ankle still hurts a lot do you think its the plates and screws?

Possibly. It could be, the plates and screws we use to fix ankle fractures can be somewhat prominent. If your pain is right over your incision and it is tender there that might be the cause. Other possibilities are post traumatic arthritis, non Union or mail Union of the fracture, among other possible causes. Don't hesitate to be seen for a specific diagnosis.
That is possible but. You may have developed degenerative changes. I suspect CT or MRI might be needed!
One year check up. It could be, but without a thorough evaluation, it is impossible to be certain. It could be residual pain from the injury that sometimes takes more than a year to fully resolve. To remove all doubt, it might be time for a one year post fracture evaluation.