I am experiencing skin rash (quality: itchiness, blisters, flaking or scaling). : Skin redness or irritation. Not contagious. Rash 3 weeks Original rash looks like it's healing but skin around it is red and raised with tiny clear fluid blisters?

Sound like a burn. Your symptoms are suggestive of a burn, or sunburn, as in a 1st degree burn, where you have redness and blisters but no true deep skin damage. It is typical for a rash to clear and have blisters left over; they are tiny areas of inflammation fluid left over from the active rash process. It sounds like it is resolving. If it persists are recurs, you should probably see a dermatologist.
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I am experiencing skin rash (quality: itchiness). The following also describes me: Skin redness or irritation. What should I do?

Many possibilities.. Itchy spots can be from many causes, such as: hives, viral infections, other infections, medication causes, hot-tub rashes, heat rashes, reactions to creams or lotions, allergic reactions to various things (including foods), internal disorders (such as kidney disease, auto-immune disease), etc... That means a rash that persists or is worrisome in appearance should be checked by a doctor. Read more...