I am experiencing headache, shadow over part of vision, ringing in ears and eye movement problem (quality: jerking movements).

Be seen. If these are new symptoms, you should be seen promptly. THe combination could be a variety of things, and you need a good history and examination to ferret this out.
See neurologist. Your unpleasant symptoms have a wide number of possible causes. The best way to deal with this is to see a neurologist and XRays or other imaging studies may be necessary.
Need to be seen. right away, either go to the ER or to your ophthalmologist, you can't wait on these symptoms, good luck.

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I am experiencing spinning sensation, nausea and eye movement problem (quality: jerking movements).

Vertigo. It sounds as if you are having a vertiginous episode, Because of the challenge of trying to evaluate this without history or being examined, it would be best for you to see your doctor, especially if this has not happened previously, Read more...

I am experiencing headache, eye movement problem and eyes rolling back. Eyes are getting stuck looking upwards and eyebrows drawing down unable to move or control them. Can last for hours to a few seconds. Headache afterwards. What could it be?

Oculogyric crisis. You are having recurrent episodes of oculogyric crisis. These can be broken with IV benedryl or valium. They are usually caused as a drug side effect, but can also be due to MS, juvenile Parkinson's, strokes, Tourette's, head trauma and brain brain tumors among others causes. ER docs can treat the acute symptoms, but you need to see a family doctor or neurologist ASAP for a workup. Best wishes. Read more...