What is a really good fruit for heart health?

Pomegranite. Any fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins is good for heart health. However, diabetics have to be moderate given potential impact of some sweet fruits on blood sugars.
Colorful diet. A variety of different colored fruit and vegetables contain different antioxidants and nutrients and should be included in your diet. If you have to pick one I would say pomegranate in the natural form (better than juice).
All fruit. Almost all whole fruit is beneficial for heart/vascular health because of the large amounts of antioxidants. The best whole fruits would be purple, blue, red, yellow, & green. Eat the skins too because that's where the antioxidants are. Avoid most juices because of their sugar. Goji, noni, etc are good. A diet with processed carbohydrates and rancid vegetable oils will undo any benefit from fruits.

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Can't run, have disc issues, how else to get my heart rate up enough to keep heart/body healthy?! My heart & health good, 130lbs./Female/37

Start. Wi GENTLE yoga. Think about an exercise bike or treadmill. Power walking wi handweights is as good as running. Swimming is the best. HRS, MD, FACC www. Thepmc. Org.

I was thinking of fasting 1x/wk for heart health. Is it enough for a benefit? I'm in good health and will drink water. Any addtl advice appreciated.

No.. Not sure if fasting once a week will help but I am aware that fasting is advice by some christians and is mention at the bible. I will advice good diet, exercise using anaerobic and aerobic exercises, keep your weight down, control stress, have a good outlook in life, enjoy your work, enjoy life and do good to others. :).

How much COQ10 does a person need for heart health and are supplements a good idea?

COQ10. I am unaware of powerful double blinded placebo controlled data supporting clear benefit or dosing guidelines with this agent, unfortunately with nutraceuticals there tends to be irrational belief guiding their use, fortunately most such use causes no harm.

35M normal echo stress in Jan 2015, normal chol, normal BP, no diab, non smoker no fam his. Asian Indian descent. How to ensure good heart health?

Sounds like you are. Already there. Avoid smoking, keep your cholesterol monitored, monitor blood pressure, avoid stress, exercise regularly and be thankful for your genetic background and family history.

Is omega 3-6-9-plus good for a diabetic? Consumer reports magazine says it doesn't help the diabetic's heart health. What's your take on it?

CR is right. Consumer reports was referring to fish oil, not fresh wild salmon, etc. Wild salmon contains omega-3s, but also vitamin d. It reduces cholesterol, is anti-inflammatory and is a mild anti-coagulant. It is a healthy source of fatty acids and it is fine for diabetics.
Omega 3=snake oil. Krill oil and fish oil are the new snake oil, both are high in omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely fragile. Omega 3 fish oils reduce triglycerides by impairing the liver's ablility to make them. However the oxidative stress caused by fish oil actually raises LDL cholesterol. Some day we may use the phrase "this is just more fish /krill oil" or "here comes the fish/krill oil salesman".

Is cholesterol testing a good indicator of future heart problems? Is an ECG a good way to measure if your heart is working properly/heart health?

Risk factors. High cholesterol is only one of the risk factors for coronary artery disease, among other risks such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and family history. Ecg evaluates heart rhythm and can diagnose some problems with the heart but is a very limited test. Depending on symptoms, further testing may be recommended.
No to both. Good cholesterol is one of many risk factors. Very low cholesterol is protective but not a guarantee of heart health. The majority of people who have heart attacks have "normal" cholesterol (within the normal range). The ekg is an insensitive tool, especially at rest. It's ability to detect heart disease improves during exercise (stress tests) but remains imperfect. No single test is perfect.
Cardiac status. There is no simple way of determining whether you will have future problems unless you are already in trouble. Cholesterol is but one of many risk factors and a normal ECG is good but no guarantee. You should discuss your status with your doctor who can give you an estimate of your status.