My Daughter is experiencing Fever and diarrhea. Day 4 giving Tylenol suppositories. Not ear or throat infection. When should I expect fever to stop?

Infective diarrhoea. It is important that if the fevers persist after 72 hrs of a gastrointestinal illness, you should visit your doctor to get the stool sample sent for analysis. There could be a possibility of a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics. Most viral gastroenteritis cases settle down over 5-7 days.
Please... ...take your 1 year old to the doctor ASAP. Fever of unknown origin with unabating diarrhea, if left untreated at her age, may be quite concerning.

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7 month old daughter fever for 4 days, every day up to 104.2. Saw gp 2 days ago, said ear and throat infection, use acetaminophen. Should I see gp?

Recheck. Yes, have your child rechecked again. He may need antibiotics. Read more...
Fever. Fever can be scary but it is actually one of your body's best defenses against disease. If she has a ear infection the pain and fever should resolve with antibiotics within 48 to 72 hours. If she is still uncomfortable and running fever while on antibiotics i would recommend getting her re-checked. Sometimes a stronger antibiotic will need to be prescribed in order to treat her. Read more...