What are the chances of pregnancy occurring after successful vasectomy and while on birth control pills?

Very low. It is very low if both of these measures have been used but, of course, there's no absolute. If you are both monogamous and don't want kids, just monitor for the low chance of pregnancy.

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What are the chances of my birth control pills and my partner's vasectomy failing at the same time to result in pregnancy?

About 0. The chances of two excellent contraceptive methods failing at the same time are about zero, mathematically rounded off, of course. No worries. It is very, very rare for a guy with a successful vasectomy (got his semen checked some weeks after the surgery) to be able to start a pregnancy. Read more...

Is birth control pills, condoms, and a vasectomy a good combo of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy?

Contraception . Yes. All 3 of those together are very protective against pregnancy. Generally speaking, pregnancy would not be an issue after a male partner has obtained a vasectomy. This procedure would need reversal in order for pregnancy to occur. When used correctly birth control alone is 99.9% effective. Condoms are about 98% effective when used correctly. Read more...