I am experiencing loss of sex drive. The following also describes me: Unable to obtain or maintain erection. What should I do?

Sexual Dysfunction. Consult with a Urologist to find out if there is a physical illness.
Get evaluated. Please contact your primary care doctor to start figuring out the reasons for your symptoms. Once you do this, you and your primary care doctor can work on the steps to take further. Good luck!
Be checked ... Your concerns could not be addressed in a 400-letter space, but the articles listed in http://www.formefirst.com/onSexLife-ED-CareOptions.html will help you understand what may cause your worry and how to work well with the doctor for right care. More? Contact me at www.healthtap.com/dr-Lin with RQPWJC to log in for appointments.

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I am experiencing unable to obtain or maintain erection. The following also describes me: Loss of sex drive. What should I do?

Your doc. Or a natural doc can test your hormone levels and rule out circulatory issues. Also, a clinical psychologist can teach you skills to keep from focusing on your "performance" which interferes also. Peace and good health. . Read more...