Back pain right foot nerve pain, numbness in both feet, specially when bending moving object running, MRI is normal Is that common? Should I have x-ray?

MRI of what?? The symptoms you describe could be from your lumbar spine! If your spine MRI is normal the next step would be a visit to a Neurologist! Another xray would be useless! Hope this helps Dr Z.

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I have nerve pain in my right foot when bending, doing some activities&when holding an object, plus a lower back pain, Lumbar MRI is normal. Sacrum MRI?

CT Scan. I would suggest a CT scan of the lumbar back. Your symptoms are still suggestive of an L4 radiculopathy. MRI is better at seeing muscles not nerves. Ask the radiologist to suggest the best imaging test. Some CT scans use dye some do not. Your regular doctor can order the CT based on the radiologists input. An Orthopedic spine specialist could offer better diagnostic/imaging next steps as well. Read more...