I have bad heartburn right now I took Zantac 50 and pepto are these two together mess me up or am I ok?

Heartburn. Zantac has a fairly rapid onset of action compared to ppi's( like prilosec,nexium) used for heartburn, but that dose may be insufficient. There is no problem taking peptobismol at the same time, but Tums or maalox may be more effective. Peptobismol may cause black discoloration of your stools.
OK. Hopefully, your heartburn is relieved. Avoid triggers such as smoking, excess alcohol, spicy, greasy foods, etc. also, avoid laying down immediately after a heavy meal. If the problem persists despite precautions, please see your PCP. Certainly, do not continue to self treat indefinitely.
No but. Peptobismal has aspirin in it and will make it worse. It may help a bit but best avoided.