I have had a reoccurring yeast infection for a few months now. Diflucan and Monistat didn't work. I am also diabetic. Why has nothing workedthistime?

It is treatable. I assume you have vaginal infection. Good diabetic control is essential to beat this. Dryness of the area is an advantage. So after showering make sure as much is dry as can be. Are you taking other medicines such as antibiotics or steroids? Are you sure it's Candida? I think an evaluation by a specialist Gynecologist should be done to exclude other possible causes.

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Hi two nights ago I took monistat 1 for a yeast infection and it is still very much so irritated. Would it be safe if I also took diflucan?

Yes IF: 1, Be certain this IS a yeast infection. Bacterial vaginosis & some STD's can imitate yeast & fool you. Looking at discharge under microscope by provider helps OR doing DNA tests (sometimes called Affirm) 2. IF yeast infection, Monistat plus Diflucan is safe. Assuming here Diflucan dose approved by provider-dose is adjusted in kidney disease, avoid if liver problems, heart rhythm disorder. Read more...