Mom had bile duct, her brother, pancreatic, my dad and his mom, colon. Are these cancers related to Lynch syndrome? I've never been checked.

Maybe... Lynch syndrome is a familial syndrome associated with cancers of the GI, Gyn, and GU tracts. But you've described cancers along both the maternal and paternal lines. Depending upon your demographics and the age of your dad's and paternal grandmother's cancers, you may well be a candidate for colonoscopy screening now.

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44F. Mom died from bile duct ca, Dad from colon ca, uncle from pancreatic ca, grandparents had it, 1st cousin is survivor. Is it inevitable for me?

Think Positively! Cancer does run in the families, yet more than 50% of us will not face this diagnosis during our life time. So you should be cautious and adopt a healthy life style which can minimize your risk of developing Cancer. You must: Keep your weight healthy, eat healthy, plant- based foods(avoid red meat and processed meats) and minimize animal fats from dairy products). Lastly you must exercise daily. Read more...