If normetanephrine free & metanephrine free are abnormal, will the metanephrine, fractionated blood test be as well?

No, can be different. Metanephrines are metabolites of norepinephrine and epinephrine (formerly known as nor-adrenalin and adrenalin). Metanephrines and their parent chemical are made and released into blood, have their actions on receptors, and are then removed very quickly, from blood. Thus they can be strongly positive in urine and negative in blood. They can be highly elevated in adrenal tumors.

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My metanephrine free urine was 51, blood test was 63, normetanephrine free urine 181, blood test 150- total urine 232, blood test 213. Normal?

Sounds normal if.... the upper limits for blood metanephrine and normetanephrine are 0.50nm/l and 0.90nm/l. Urinary levels are, respectively: Total 24 hr. metanephrine =1.3mg for urine; and total plasma ME+NME is less than 205pg/ml. It sound as though you're within the normal ranges, but depending on the units of measure, which vary from lab to lab and med ctr to med ctr., you may not. Meet w/ your endocrinologist. Read more...