Can a bladder biofilm infection give perceived detrusor weakness in urodynamics testing?

Confusing question. You may misunderstand something you read (online?). Bioflims contribute to many infections, sometimes a reason longer or higher dose antibiotics are needed. There is no bladder infection called "biofilm infection". If your urine culture is negative (no bacteria found), then no infection and no bacteria are causing whatever symptoms you have. Discuss w/ your doc or maybe infec disease specialist.

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Can a biofilm bladder infection cause detrusor weakness and bladder neck mis timing?

Not related... Dyssynergia between urinary sphincter & detrusor is the incoordinating matter of nerve-muscle response, which can be demonstrated by the combined cystometrogram & electromyography of urinary sphincter. Please ask your existing urologist who know more about your individual situation than anyone online. In fact, more online aimless inquiry will surely generate more unwanted confusion, anxiety, & fear. Read more...