Hello, I had a CT scan of my head and neck. I understand everything below except "The posterior indicating arteries are hypoplastic".?

CT Head/neck. Probably is the "Posterior Communicating arteries" and the transcriptionist typed in Indicating, as I am not familiar with "indicating arteries." The posterior Communicating arteries are in the back of the base of the brain/skull and Hypoplastic is underdevelopment or incomplete development of a tissue or organ. This could be a congenital issue,...check with your Doctor to be safe for correlation.

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Hello, I have had a CT scan of my head and neck. I understand most of what is stated below except the "The posterior indicating arteries are hypoplast?

Posterior arteries. Perhaps the reference was to the Posterior Communicating Arteries of the base of the brain called the circle of Willis. These smaller arteries connect the larger cerebral arteries and provide collateral circulation in case of blockage in a critical artery. CT scan may not show vasculature clearly and this finding may not be clinically relevant. Read more...