Can uterine polyps turn cancerous 2 weeks after being biopsied and coming back benign? Getting a D&C done next week. How fast can it turn to cancer?

They very rarely do. At age 20, the risk that a cervical or endometrial polyp would be "cancer" is so remote as to be negligible. Many of the small polyps (under 1cm) require no treatment or removal particularly if they cause no symptoms ; they will often resolve spontaneously and disappear. Even in older perimenopausal or postmenopausal women, most of these polyps are usually benign. They do not "turn to cancer".
Polyps . It is extremely unlikely for benign polyps to become cancerous so I would stop worrying .

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Petrified last 4 yrs had 3 hysteroscopies w/ DNC biopsy ALL BENIGN 1 pap with endometrial cells 4 uterine polyps how likely missing cancer diagnosis?

All biopsies negativ. That's great news to be celebrated! Do you have a family history of breast or uterine cancer? Are you BRCA positive? Have you had mammograms or colonoscopies done? Why are you petrified? Speak to your doc about your fears and address them. You seem to be partly doing that already. Read more...
Small. With all the negative biopsies you had, the odds of you having cancer are very small. As you approach menopause, your cycles will become irregular but you can be rest assured that afterall the negative biopsies, your chances of malignancy are small. Sometimes endometrial cells are incidentally identified on Pap smears. . Read more...